TCN is a third party meeting planning company. We will do all of the work to coordinate your next meeting at no cost to you or your company. Why are our services free? We are paid by commission from the hotels, not you. Some potential clients believe that they can get a lower rate if a commission is not paid to a third party, but this statement is false. Our commissions are paid from a separate budget of the hotel, which does not affect our client's room rates. Whether you need a small meeting for 10 or have a large scale sales meeting for 1000, we are here to help. Here's how it works:

1. Details

You contact our office and give us the details for your next meeting such as: desired city, month and preferred dates, number of attendees, meeting outline, transportation needs, and any on or off site activities.

2. Site Selection

We start our site selection process using our vast resources to match you with the best location, meeting space, needed amenities, and convenient location for your event. We will then present you with 3-5 hotel choices for you to select from.

3. Contract Negotiations

Once this process is completed and a hotel has been selected for your meeting, we will begin the contract negotiations. TCN will manage this process on your behalf to guarantee the contract is in your favor. Because of our experience and contacts, we will be able to achieve the optimum concessions and pricing for your event. Most companies don't ask for everything offered and the hotels will not give something without a request. We leverage solid industry relationships along with our buying power to secure aggressive pricing and cost savings for our clients. Our global sourcing team negotiates diligently on behalf of our clients. 

4. Extra Planning 

After you have reviewed and approved the contract, and both parties sign, we will begin planning all of the little details that your event requires. Need audio or visuals during your event? We have an in-house A/V department that can negotiate on your behalf and offer suggestions. Confused on transportation? We can plan and coordinate all air and ground travel at no charge to you. Stuck on food and beverage planning? We have some great tips, tricks, and advice for cost-effective and delicious ways to create a menu everybody will love. Desire some fun or relaxing days during your event? We can work with you to create an itinerary filled with spa days, golf, and day excursions of your choosing. Have any extra needs? All you have to do is ask.